SmashFund: Avoid at all Costs

sfbannerThere has been a lot of hype over SmashFund and, I have to confess, I was swept along in the wave!

But, now I have seen sense.

Cost: FREE until July, then $149 per month
Founder: Rob Towles
Upsells: Unknown
Scam Rating: 10 / 10 (definitely a SCAM)
Overall Rating: SCAM! 0 / 10


Unrealistic Claims

SmashFund is being pitched as a new crowdfunding programme that will run on a social network platform. The platform is not due to launch until July, but already they are making some wild claims:

  • 80% revenue share model that works in a similar way to the likes of Uber, AirBNB and AliBaba!
  • 100,000 members in the first three months
  • 1 million members in the first year
  • You can earn up to $64,000 per month!
  • Social network that is going to be bigger than Twitter!


How Do You Earn Money?

By signing up today, they claim that it will not cost you a penny initially. Once SmashFund launches in July, your membership fee will be $149 per month. Yes $149 PER MONTH.

They then claim that, for every member that you personally invite, you will be paid $50 per month every month for as long as they remain a member. As well as that, you can also earn $4 per month for viral connections, i.e. connections that appear in your network that you have not personally invited.

And you can have up to 16,000 connections in your network! So, at the $4 level, 16,000 connections equates to $64,000 per month, that’s where they get their numbers from. Impressive, right? WRONG, just false, unrealistic claims designed to reel you in!

Under the hood

As I mentioned, SmashFund is not due to launch until July and, apparently, you will not be charged the $149 per month membership fee until then. However, on signing up, you have to enter your debit/credit card details NOW! Why? This just sets alarm bells ringing for me like crazy!

The website currently has nothing, just the sign-up page and your link to get others to sign up as well. It is NOT a social network, it is NOT a crowdfunding platform. What it is is a huge SCAM.

Who is behind it?

The founder and CEO of SmashFund is a man called Rob Towles. This is where the alarm bells became deafening as far as I was concerned!

Rob Towles is the man behind Efusjon energy drinks, a known pyramid scheme that was the subject of a class action lawsuit some years ago.

Take a look at his promo video for SmashFund. Would you trust this man with your money?

In Summary

In my opinion, undoubtedly SmashFund is a pyramid scheme, a rip-off, yes, a SCAM and should be avoided at all costs. If you have already signed up and given them your credit card details, then I would strongly suggest that you cancel that card.

I may be proved wrong, although I doubt it, as this just has scam written all over it.

Don’t get swept along in the hysteria from people who don’t really know what they are getting themselves into, the hype (no doubt generated by the founder) and the false claims.

Remember, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is, particularly when it comes to internet marketing!

There is no substitute for hard work. There are no shortcuts to success. Learn how to build a sucessful business over time through our number one recommended opportunity, Wealthy Affiliate. This is the way to go. Please DO NOT fall for the SmashFund SCAM.


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  1. wow, what a scam – the dude in the video sounds so scammy, that I am suprised anyone falls for this – but, hey at the same time, people still fall for the emails from Nigiria, Thanks for pointing this out, and I will make sure I let everyone know to stay far away from this piece of garbage. Blessings!
    P.S. and you are correct about Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best.

  2. Finally someone else sees the light! I reviewed this Smashfund scam on my website last week and until now all I have seen are glowing reviews about it.

    I left some comments on those websites and they weren’t approved… so much for people trying to find the truth? I always approve comments on my website, no matter whether the writer agrees with my opinion or not.

    I am so glad to see that someone else has some common sense. Keep these reviews coming!

    1. Thank you for the comments, Lynne. Easy to fall for this one, with all the hype surrounding it. You just have to dig a little deeper sometimes and see beyond the smokescreen!

  3. I will be keeping a lookout on this program when it officially launches in July. There are so many scams online so we have to be extra careful and not be gullible to spend our money.

    I appreciate you taking your time to do a review on the SmashFund system. The claims that they made are astronomically crazy and the $149 per month fee is just ridiculous!

    I hope that many people will read your review and make an informed decision.

    All the best.

    1. Thank you Jason – as always, my advice would be to veer on the side of caution. Ridiculous claims usually amount to a ridiculous prospect and should be avoided.

  4. Thank you for this review I have recently read a review for smashfund however that was very pro smashfund, it seemed too good to be true and I didn’t quite understand how it worked so I did not sign up, thank God. I hate scams and I hope people realise this is a scam before they get caught in it.

  5. That’s the thing!! I literally commented some guy’s review of SmashFund and said that he’s trying to lure peope in and it’s scam. Guess what, he disapproved the comment.

    We need to spread this review because sadly, I say a lot of people believing in this thing. One person even said than it changed his life!

    1. Wow, it changed his life even though it’s not even launched yet! How do people keep falling for these things?
      Thanks for your comments, Julius.


  6. It is so easy for people to fall victim to people like this. Preying on people who want to better themselves. People must educate themselves before signing upto sites like his. Keep up the good work of getting the word out so people stay away.

  7. Im glad someone else understands. Ive seen so many awesome reviews for it, it’s kind of scary! At least it’s free for the beginning so you’re not getting jipped to see what happens. either way, something seems SUPER fishy! Thanks for relaying this information to us!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  8. Hi David, this is crazy thanks for the heads up I’ve never heard of giving card details to an entity that does not exist before it has to be another scam, and the 149.00 per month with no basis for projected earnings is insane.
    Thanks for sharing

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