Review: Millionaire Society

Millionaire Society is an online affiliate marketing programme that claims to provide private video mentoring and instructions to build a successful online business.

Website: Millionaire Society

Cost: $4,95 for a trial period, then $97 per month!

Upsells: Too many to mention!

Scam Rating: 7 / 10

Overall RatingAVOID 3 / 10

Millionaire Society Review

millsocThe first thing that will strike you when you open this website is the headline:

“How Would You Like To Download My $720/Day Internet Business To Your Computer Today?”

Such dramatic claims always set alarms bells ringing for me. If it is that easy and large sums of money can be made that easily, then the phrase “too good to be true” springs to mind!

Apart from the wild claims in that headline, there is nothing else that tells you anything about the ‘opportunity’ on the home page, with the exception of the video! Now, if you are prepared to sit through all 11 minutes of this, then be my guest! If not, I can sum it up for you. What the video consists of is further wild claims, such as:

  • $30 per hour from ONE turnkey business! (You get 135 of these included)
  • Set up 100 of these and you could make over $3,000 per hour!

Sounds fantastic, where do I sign up?! Seriously, why do people keep falling for this kind of hype?

The ‘trial’ lasts for all of 7 days, yes a whole week to suck it and see! After that, you will be charged a whopping $97 immediately and every month thereafter, for as long as you remain a member!

Under the Hood

Once signed up, what you get is actually out of date or regurgitated information that is readily available from many reputable internet marketing sites, leaving out the best bits that could give some semblance of value.

The websites you can generate are replicated, pre-built sites promoting three ‘top’ Clickbank products. One of these is, surprise, surprise, Millionaire Society! All members get the same replicated site – the search engines will love that, right?!

The ‘training’ is also pretty much useless, as all it does is tell you to promote via social media. They could have saved themselves even more trouble by reducing their training to three words – build, promote, sell.


Should I Join Millionaire Society?


Ask yourself these question:

  • Do the earnings sound realistic?
    • $3,000 per hour from 135 pre-built webites. I think not!
  • Is there a free trial?
    • No, just a reduced rate trial period for a mere seven days.
  • Are you promised to get-rich-quickly?
    • Not directly, but this is implied by the financial claims.
  • Are you promised that it is easy?
    • Yes, the claims are that it only takes 15 minutes to set up each website! They will then earn money for you on ‘auto-pilot’. 15 minutes and that’s it – no maintenance, no content updates, no social media interaction?
  • Is the system fully explained?
    • Absolutely not. There is no mention of how the websites are created, what products you will be selling, how the products are marketed, etc.
  • Is the site owner known?
    • No, this is operated by a faceless company, with no known accreditation.


It is clear that, by becoming a member of Millionaire Society, you are expected to sell memberships to Millionaire Society! That is the only way you are going to make any money, as far as I can tell. And, unless you are holding people at gunpoint until they sign up (and please don’t view that as a marketing tip!), you are not going to earn anything remotely close to the earnings they are claiming.

Whilst it may not be a scam as such, as there is a 60-day money back guarantee, thanks to the fact that it is sold through Clickbank, the fact is that the earnings are so wide of the mark, that it is bordering on such.

Definitely not recommended.


If not Millionaire Society, then what, I hear you ask?

That is easy to answer – check out our number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.


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