Review: LifeVantage

LifeVantage by David Brown, is a multi-level marketing company that produce and sell their own line of health and beauty products.


Cost: $500 for the starter kit

Upsells: Not known

Scam Rating: 4 / 10

Overall RatingAVOID  3 / 10

LifeVantage Review

lvsiteNo two ways about it, LifeVantage is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

As such, they are not offering anything new, or anything that isn’t done a lot better by other companies.

They produce a range of five main health-related products, with a few different versions of each one and primarily an anti-oxidant called Protandim. As with similar health MLMs, they make all kinds of claims as to what their products can do. But, in reality, these products are pretty benign and similar, or better, can be found at your local pharmacist at a fraction of the cost.

The starter kit for members, at $500, is rather a steep investment just to get you going! But, again as with all MLMs, the money is made from recruiting other members into your ‘downline’ and the subsequent success of those you have recruited. Historically, the big money is only made by the 1% at the very top of the tree. There is nothing here to suggest that LifeVantage is any different!

Under the Hood

In all fairness, the website itself is slick and professional and full of happy-clappy people, who have obviously had enormous success with LifeVantage! They hint at gatherings in Cancun and California, no doubt for the high earners. And they attempt to add a further air of respectability by their sponsorhip of Real Salt Lake, a soccer team in the MLS.

The site goes into details about their products and the science behind it, the research, publications and patents. All very impressive, I’m sure!

The details of the opportunity are, as you would expect prior to signing up, sketchy. There is vague information regarding commission and bonuses and what you have to do to achieve these bonuses. What is clear, as with most MLMs, is that you have to purchase products yourself on a regular basis (probably monthly) in order to qualify for your bonuses and that of your ‘team’. How much that may be, I am not sure, but probably growing as you progress (slowly) up the ladder!

Whilst not BBB accredited, there have been 26 complaints logged against LifeVantage with the BBB. 16 of these were related to the product/service, 9 with billing or collection issues and 1 advertising or sales issues. There are also incidents of product recall in the past due to metal contamination.



The fact that LifeVantage have been selling their products via multi-level marketing since 2009 and also the fact that the health and wellness market is already flooded with similar products mena that you are unlikely to make any real money with this opportunity.

It is not a scam, but you need to be in at the beginning with MLMs to make the big bucks. Reports of over-aggressive sales and recruitment tactics are common amongst distributors of MLMs that are struggling and desperate for business.

With this in mind, I cannot recommend LifeVantage as a realistic opportunity.


If not LifeVantage, then what, I hear you ask?

That is easy to answer – check out our number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.


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