Phoenix Power Rising Scam

Phoenix Power Rising – again!? – Shoot it down in flames!!phoenix

The latest in a long line of dubious ventures from a notorious ‘marketer’. Read what I think below.

Cost: FREE membership, with upgrade costs of $120 for the second matrix and $500 for the third matrix
Founder: Terri Petty
Upsells: Unknown
Scam Rating: 10 / 10 (Pyramid scheme)
Overall Rating: SCAM! 0 / 10

What’s it all about?

It’s about making loadsa money for the owner, let’s be frank about it, although surely even Frank would not fall for this one!

Yes, the phoenix is flying high and proud above that pyramid!

Fair play to them, they do not even really try to hide the fact that it is a pyramid scheme, although they refer to it as a ‘team filled matrix’! Seriously!:


Sign up, upgrade, sign others underneath you, build up your ‘matrix’, rinse and repeat…..

Sound familiar? Of course, because we have all seen it a million times before and the only people who really benefit are the owners!

The website itself is gaudy, amateurish and designed for one purpose – to entice the gullible into believing this nonsense. They even make claims about helping people on a ‘financial and humanitarian level’. A scammer, sorry ‘internet marketing entrepreneur’, with a conscience, who’da thought! And their taglines are not exactly original, either: ‘Welcome to the greatest opportunity on the internet!’, or what about ‘We got tired of the rest so we created the best!’. Where did they get these from, 1995?!

The site also features banners and links to various other ‘opportunities’, some are known scam sites, others I have never heard of and, knowing where they have come from, have no desire to join.

Is there a product?

Ah, interesting question. You would think so, wouldn’t you?

The website has a link for ‘Products’. What this gives you is a list of products and services:


Impressive, eh? But wait, they then go on to say “Our computerized shopping system offers you access to over 300,000 brand name consumer products. The majority of these products are sent directly from the manufacturer or distributor to the address you specify”. Oh, so it’s affiliate marketing. Do I really need to join a pyramid scheme to sell products as an affiliate? No, of course not, I learn from the best (see my number one recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate).

The pretence of a product is designed to make the scheme appear to be legitimate, but is clearly a smoke screen (hopefully, the smoke is coming from the burning ashes of the phoenix!)


Who is behind it?

Apparently, the people behind it are a ‘dependable established Company with 45 years of ethical business dealings’. That’s alright then, let me contact them and congratulate them. Oh, wait, I can’t! The ‘Contact Us’ page on the website just leads to a basic contact form. There is no physical address, telephone number, or contact name, nothing!

I can reveal that the person behind it is Terri Petty, a well known scammer behind such wonders as Freedom Project or Project 4 Freedom. Ethical? I think not!

Now for the real killer. Phoenix Power Rising is not a new scheme! I kid you not. The Phoenix has already crashed and burned once before, launching in 2012. Just search ‘Phoenix Power Rising 2012’ on YouTube and you will find this video, of which I have included a screenshot below, and look at the date (highlighted):



In Summary

Credit to the owners, they have chosen an appropriate name for this scheme. The phoenix, of course, is the mythical bird that is continually reborn. That is exactly what has happened here. Failed the first time (at least as far as the poor people who signed up are concerned), so they have relaunched under the same name, with the same old lines and the same tired old website.

No doubt, plenty of unsuspecting and desperate people will again sign up and the owner will again make a small fortune. But, as this is the most obvious pyramid since the days of Tutenkhamun, I will  not be one of them.

My advice – don’t sign up, don’t refer anybody you care about, don’t promote it in anyway. Listen to your sensible self.

There is no substitute for hard work. There are no shortcuts to success. Learn how to build a sucessful business over time through our number one recommended opportunity, Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Hi David,
    This Poenix Power Rising seams like it’s built on the old pyramid scheme from years ago. I thought they had banned pyramid schemes. You are right in saying, the only people that will benefit here is the ones who are at the top, the rest are mugs making them money. Seen this all before.
    I keep hearing good reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, I will take a look at this. Like anything, the more you work the more success will come your way, there’s no free money out there.
    I’ll take a look at this Wealthy Affiliate business.

  2. Why do people scam people?

    Ive never looked into Phoenix but certainly seen and even paid for others like it which is painful.

    Not only that, explaining to my wife the money I’m accountable for each month (for the next 10) is not only embarrassing but relationship destroying.

    I can tell anyone reading this review to click on the wealthy affiliate link. I don’t know whether its truly the best of its type for wealth building but can 100% say, I’ve never had to look anywhere else.

    If you want to get rich quick, this is not for you.

    If you want to be out of your comfort zone truly learning how to build an online business, click the link. Simple as that.

    good luck.

    1. Thanks for the comments, John. Most people reading this will empathise with your situation.
      Totally agree with regards to Wealthy Affiliate, it’s THE one you can trust.

  3. Hi David, Thanks for sharing this valuable information. It never amazes me when these companies come on the rise to scam people and take them for their money. But this one has to be one of the far worst that I’ve come across ever. I’ve always said if these companies would just build a site that is really going to help people succeed they would go very far. This is way online marketing has such a bad rap because of so many people who have been taken for a ride with these pyramid schemes or unethical programs online.

    I really appreciate you giving the online community a heads up on this company.


  4. I know it’s been awhile since anyone has posted on this but I’d like to understand how Terri Petty manages to make money from this. First of all, none of us (yes I’m one of the idiots) gave any real money to PPR, all the money in our accounts is pretend. How could she have made money when we didn’t give her any to begin with. I would like to understand how this scam works. Why does she still make calls twice a week saying the same thing over and over again. The site has been down for 2 weeks now so we can’t recruit anyone, there is no money to make for her. Why isn’t she stopping this charade, period. It’s killing me because I really need this money and I did work a lot for it, trust me. There is still 1% of my brain that believes I might get it and it is torture. Why not just stop the calls and be done with it. Can someone explain to me the benefits of her keeping the calls raising false hope and what benefit she gets from this? BTW, I didn’t know anything about PPR or Terri Petty when I joined, at least I have that. Thanks.

    1. I’m glad that you didn’t put any hard cash into this, although I know it is frustrating if you have dedicated time and effort to it. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is gong to make any money fro PPR.

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