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The Wealth Window is dedicated to helping users make money from internet marketing and, believe me, there is plenty to be had

We aim to sort the wheat from the chaff, help you see the wood for the trees and any other cheesy sayings we can think of!


If, like me, you have read countless articles, blogs, websites, etc, in the search for the golden goose, i.e. that one in a million opportunity that is an opportunity to  make a million!

Well look no further, this is the one!

Wealthy Affiliate is the number one internet marketing opportunity available today. Thousands of people like you are taking advantage of this incredible system and together they are making a success of their lives. You can do it too!

Website: Wealthy Affiliate

Cost: FREE for the starter membership

Scam Rating: 0 / 10 (definitely not a scam)

Overall Rating: THE BEST! 9.5 / 10

Wealthy Affiliate – success regardless of experience!

Wealthy Affiliate is the number one internet marketing opportunity available today. Thousands of people like you are taking advantage of this incredible system and together they are making a success of their lives. You can do it too!

Website: Wealthy Affiliate

Cost: FREE for the starter membership

Scam Rating: 0 / 10 (definitely not a scam)

Overall Rating: THE BEST! 9.5 / 10

Wealthy Affiliate – success regardless of experience!


To give an overview of Wealthy Affiliate, it is a site, or a system, that is dedicated to helping it’s members to build a successful online business.

After years of searching for the right online opportunity and far too much time and money wasted on the wrong ones, I finally came across Wealthy Affiliate and am so glad that I did. Although I joned under the FREE membership, I decided to take advantage of the reduced first month offer and upgrade to premium membership.

I have a little experience in the field of internet marketing, but if you don’t, it really doen’t matter, as you are guided every step of the way. As it is, I still learned so much in such a short space of time, thanks to the step-by-step training and the extraordinary WA community!

With the FREE membership, you get two FREE websites, which you can build from a limited number of WordPress templates. You also get access to the starter training. However, as a premum member, you get so much more. Unlimited websites with free hosting (you just need to purchase the domain name), thousands of WordPress templates to choose from, extensive training, with more added every day, full access to the WA community, currently consisting of over 10,000 members. In fact, every resource you can think of to help you build your business.

You could soon be earning more than you ever dreamed from your online business if you just take the next step and join Wealthy Affiliate today.

Why Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate?


  • Step-by-step training for all levels of skills and experience
  • Video training to accompany the step-by-step tutorials
  • Interactive classrooms
  • Live chat with members and owners
  • Relationship with the huge Wealthy Affiliate community
  • Two FREE websites with guidance on how to build these
  • You can get your first site up and running in less than a minute!
  • Keyword research tool
  • State of the art hosting
  • Earn more by attracting new members to WA
  • WA members are prohibited from advertising or selling within WA to keepit spam-free.
  • FREE membership, yes $0 no credit card required


  • Information overload in the beginning, especially for premium members. But, with the help of the community, you get used to it.
  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme, whcih could be in the pro’s as well! You get out of it what you put into it, so if you are afraid of hard work, it’s not for you.
  • The community and Live Chat can be addictive!
  • Great FREE membership, but to get the best from Wealthy Affiliate, you need to upgrade to premium membership and gain access to the full training and tools.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For Me?

Firstly, take a look at the walkthrough video by Kyle, one of the Wealthy Affiliate creators:


Now, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want financial freedom?
  • Do I want to work for myself?
  • Do I want to spend more time with my friends and family?
  • Do I want a successful business doing something I am passionate about?
  • Am I prepared to work hard to get what I want?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect opportunity for you.

FREE or Premium Membership?


FREE Membership includes:

  • Two FREE websites
  • Limited selection of WordPress templates
  • FREE hosting
  • Over 500 training modules
  • Access to 3 classrooms
  • Live support for 7 days
  • Support from the WA community
  • 30 keyword searches per month
  • Phase 1 of the affiliate bootcamp course

Ready to join: click here

PREMIUM Membership includes:

  • Unlimited FREE websites (you just pay for the domain name)
  • Unlimited WordPress templates to choose from
  • Unlimited FREE premium hosting
  • Website Security package
  • Website backup
  • Access to all 12 classrooms
  • Live Video classes
  • Unlimited live support
  • Unlimited keyword searches using the keyword tool
  • All phases of the affiliate bootcamp course
  • Double commission on WA referrals
  • much, much more

Features In-Depth

Onc you become a premium member, and after your FREE trial, I am convinced you will upgrade to Premium, you will get a whole host of extra features that, by themselves, are extremely valuable resources. Here we take a look at just a few of them.

Websites / Hosting

Always wanted your own website, but had no idea how to go about it? No need to worry about experience, HTML, Javascript, PHP or any other languagewasitebuild that makes no sense to all but the geekiest of us!

As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you can have an unlimited number of websites and they will all be hosted using the latest technologies. This is all included in the cost of membership. All you need to do is decide on you domain name and purchase it, which can also be done quickly and easily from within the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. For those who already have a domain name, you can redirect your site to the Wealthy Affiliate servers.

You can choose from thousands of ready-made WordPress templates, have your site up and running in minutes and make updates to the design and content quickly and easily.

SEO & Keyword Research

Search engine optimization (SEO) and the efficient usage of keywords is an essential part of getting your website noticed.

Wealthy Affiliate members can take advantage of the FREE All-in One SEO add-in for their site and also the inbuilt keyword reseach tool. This is wakeywordextremely useful and will tell you ow many people are searching on a particular seach term and how competitive it is and thus, potentially, how likely it will be for your site to be ranked on the first page of Google, which is where we all want to be!

Wealthy Affiliate have also negotiated a deal with the website Jaaxy to get even more keyword search tools. There are limited features on the free version, but you can upgrade to the Premium version at a reduced rate.

Either way, this is a great feature of the programme and, used effectively, can greatly improve your website ranking and, more importantly, your website traffic.

Support and the WA ‘family’!

The community feel of Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most important factors, in my opinion. wacomm

Whenever you get stuck, need a little motivation, or just want to catch up with others on the programme, they are always just a click away!

That also includes the founders of the Company, who are still very active on the site and will often answer your questions directly. Where else can you get this – it really does speak volumes for Wealthy Affiliates.

There really is a ‘family’ feel amongst the WA members. We all want success and we all are happy to help others to achieve success as well.

The Live Chat is also a really good feature should you need immediate help or if you just want to see who ese is online!

Training / Bootcamp

The training is second-to-none compared to any other programme I have seen.  It really does provide step-by-step instructions with numerous videoswatrain along the way. It deals with all levels of competence as well, simplifying matters without condescension and enabling everyone to develop their site at their own pace.

The affiliate bootcamp also provides you with a clear path to promoting the business, as well, whilst there are also live classrooms, training from the founders and ambassadors.

The site will remember how far you have got with your training so you can easily pick up where you left off.

All-in-all, a very pleasant learning experience.


As you can imagine, I can thoroughly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It really is in a league of it’s own as far as internet marketing opportunities are concerned. If you have tried others in the past and been disappointed, you need look no further. I am absolutely convinced that this is the one you have been looking for!!

Ready to upgrade to a Premium Membership. Click here now!


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