Brit Method Scam

The Brit Method – the s@#t method!!britmethod

For the Brit Method (for UK users), read the Canuck Method (for Canadians) or the Aussie Method or even the Sydney System (for…guess where?), they are all the same, using the same system, produced by the same scam artist, who uses various pseudonyms!

Cost: FREE software download, then thousands to ‘trade’
Founder: Jake Pertu / Jason Taylor / Jake Manson
Upsells: Unlimited
Scam Rating: 10 / 10 (dangerous scam)
Overall Rating: SCAM! 0 / 10

What’s it all about?

The Brit Method (or other iterations) is all about trading in binary options, which is high-risk at the best of times. On top of that, it is also one of the most scam-laden markets. Options brokers, signal services and trading robots are all targeted by the unscrupulous scammers.

Don’t get me wrong, there is money to be made in trading binary options. But it takes years of study to predict the market with any degree of accuracy and, even then, it is frought with danger. Professional traders will get it wrong as well!

You can make a lot of money from binary options, but you can lose a lot more if you do not know what you are doing, or are using scam services, such as the Brit Method.

How much does it cost?

Let me make this clear, there is no charge fpr the software itself. It is FREE. But, download it and register at your peril. You will be bombarded with emails, texts, phone calls from many different numbers, it will drive you mad!

But that is all manageable. Whatever you do, do not even think about depositing any money with them. I guarantee that you will never see it again. There are instances of people depositing thousands. The scam then goes like this. Your funds are apparently used by the operators to fund day trades in binary options. You will then see your ‘account’ grow substantially over the next few days or weeks. Your £5,000 ‘investment’ has suddenly turned into £25,000 or maybe £50,000. Maybe you will tempted to ‘invest’ more funds to generate even more impressive profits?!

The problem is, you will never get to withdraw these funds from your account, asthey do not exist. Not a single trade has been made. The huge sums of money in your account are falsified. All that has happened is that the oprators have rub of with your money, never to be seen again!

How can you be sure it is a scam?

The claims are ridiculous.

  • “I want you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days!”
  • “I’ll pay you $10,000 hard cash right out of my own pocket if you fail to make money with my software”
  • Then there is the claim that “copies are running out so you should secure your spot now”. However, there is no backwards counter, so nothing to back up this claim!
  • Their claimed accuracy levels of 97% are unheard of in the industry

For every (fabricated) testimonial you see, you will be able to find many, many more that have lost money using this system, sometimes running into thousands and thousands.

Although it is claimed to be free, to get access to the binary trading system, you will have to pay an initial deposit of $350. However, even after paying this deposit, you will still not get access to the system! Why? Because IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Who is behind it?

Originally called the Aussie Method, this scam has been regurgitated many
times, due to the terrible reputation it has managed to acquire. Thebritmethod2 owner, who goes by the name of Jason Taylor if you are in the UK, Jake Manson for Canadian visitors and Jake Pertu if you are Australian!

Well, whatever his real name is (Scammy Scumbag probably), the same picture is used for all three names on different scam websites (undoubtedly a paid model)! So, if you see this picture, or any of these names on any site, please run a mile!

The chances are that the Brit Method website will be taken down and replaced with something else soon. I don’t know what, maybe the Melbourne Method or the Paris Method?! But beware and look out for the friendly face you see in the picture here! Probably a nice guy, but the product
he is advertising is most definitely not!


In Summary

As mentioned, there is money to be made in trading binary options. The way to go about it, though, is to learn. Learn and trade with a free demo account, without risking any funds of your own.

Once you feel you are ready to trade for real, do your due diligence and find a trusted, regulated broker, then researh some more!

However, if you are realy serious about making money online, there is no substitute for hard work. There are no shortcuts to success. Learn how to build a sucessful business over time through our number one recommended opportunity, Wealthy Affiliate.

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  1. Well, I shall be sure not to be caught out by this scam.
    I’m afraid that binary trading is something out of my knowledge but have wondered about it.
    Thanks, David for the ‘heads up’.
    Take care

  2. Hi, David, and thanks for warning me about The Brit Method and preventing me from doing a huge mistake and losing my hard worked money. I will definitely look out for this nice-looking guy and stay away from him and his scam based method. To tell you the truth I might have fallen for this cliches about making money in no time for some time ago but not anymore. I’ve become more sensible and know that hard work and dedication are the only way to earn money. I agree totally with you. Hard work and be prepared to invest in a long term business.

    I would have liked to know if there are people out there who have told about losing their money on this scam.

  3. Why why why do people scam others!?

    It seems if these scammers actually put as much time and effort into creating something unique and legitimate they would not only do well, but not have to worry about looking over their shoulders……..

    Difference is, people like you David are not only helping people to make money the right way, you are protecting people too.

    Many thanks for this.

    Appreciate the advice.


  4. Hi David,
    What a scam the Brit Method is.
    People like this should not be allowed to set-up a business again, it’s deceit at the highest level, but still they seem to get away with it time & time again.
    Binary options is a gamble anyway.
    I keep hearing great reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. Is it true that I can just come in and try for free or is there a catch?
    Great article,

    1. Binary options are a minefield and, as you say, pure gamble.
      Much better off building your online business through a trusted source. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely FREE to try for as long as you want. Come in and try and you will soon be wanting to upgrade to get the many benefits premium members receive.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I filled in the forms and my telephone number, was rung immediately , I was advise £250 was minimum, bells started to ring when asked for my pin number, they then said would not go through as they were abroad (bells again)and bank had blocked (well done HSBC) .
    They tried to put through as a book

    I rang and cancelled my card, think I have had a lucky escape

  6. If trading binary options really worked then surely fund management businesses like M&G would use them and my M&G Recovery Fund would be better than it is!

  7. I’ve never been daft enough to fall for a scam but after a divorce, loss of job, financial ruin and possible edge of nervous breakdown I nearly (nearly) risked my last £300 on this, worse still the £300 was my rent money. I checked The Brit Method out. Thanks for your help, I’m nearly back on my feet now. Without reading what’s written on here I may of been over a cliff by now.

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