Brit Method Scam

June 7, 2016

The Brit Method – the s@#t method!! For the Brit Method (for UK users), read the Canuck Method (for Canadians) or the Aussie Method or even the Sydney System (for…guess where?), they are all the same, using the same system, produced by the same scam artist, who uses various pseudonyms! Website: Cost: FREE software download, then thousands to ‘trade’ Founder: Jake Pertu / Jason Taylor / Jake Manson Upsells: Unlimited Scam Rating: 10…


Phoenix Power Rising Scam

June 3, 2016

Phoenix Power Rising – again!? – Shoot it down in flames!! The latest in a long line of dubious ventures from a notorious ‘marketer’. Read what I think below. Website: Cost: FREE membership, with upgrade costs of $120 for the second matrix and $500 for the third matrix Founder: Terri Petty Upsells: Unknown Scam Rating: 10 / 10 (Pyramid scheme) Overall Rating: SCAM! 0 / 10 What’s it all about? It’s about…